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VIL will endeavour at all times to offer excellent Professional security, Investigations services in accordance with acceptable international standards and to satisfaction.


This company gaurantees Independence and safe guards its reputation for professionalism, integrity and impartiality. We are a remarkable local and international network and other connections; place Vanguard in a unique position as a private investigations company i zambia.

Over the years the company has gained a lot of experience and has improved modern methods of conducting our operation. All our investigations are undertaken within bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics while abiding to government procedures and in accordance with the objectives of each client.

We also prevent inadvertent disclosure of assignments, information or data that may prejudice the interest of government, clients or Vanguard Investigations Limited. In light of the 'New Deal' administration emphasis on eradication of crime and corruption, feels inspired to render a valuable service given the necessary support/opportunity.

The modus operandi has been through experience and in-service training tailored to it with the requirments and terms of reference agreed upon between Vanguard and the client. Officers are trained officers some who have left government Law enforcement agencies being trained by us or other organizations and are strictly monitored against the code of ethics.

Vanguard Investigations Limited are unique in the sense that, they adapt operations according to the situations. The company has helped several companies and banks, by providing classified information to senior management who in turn have passed it on to lower ranks for implementation and thereby preventing any type of criminal activities such as theft, negligence, connivance, corruption, sabotage, leakage of information fraud, bad governance etc.


  • To Perform all professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principal and never be guilty of conduct which will bring reproach upon the profession of the Private Investigators, Security Managers and AZPISO.

  • To Verify the credentials of clients to ensure that they have lawful and moral reasons to instruct an investigation.

  • To respect the privacy of clients and the lawful confidences.

  • To ensure that services are adequately secure to protect privacy and guard against inadvertent disclosure of private information.

  • To ensure that all staff and other persons paid to assist adhere to this code of ethics and accept responsibility thereof.

  • To conduct all investigations and security consultancy within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics.

  • To respect the best interest of our clients by maintaining the highest standards of proficiency and reporting to our clients all the facts ascertained whether they are advantageous or detrimental nothing being with-held from client save by the dictates of law.


  • Security and Investigations data, documents, information and reports are treated with strict confidence.

  • We guard against inadvertent discloure of private and confidential information that may prejudice the interest of our clients or our company.

+260 955 773313
+260 977 773313
+02-231070 (fax)

Plot 2344 Kafue ,106 Road
Private Bag Post Net 129, Manda Hill, Lusaka.
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Our Ultimate job is your complete peace of mind.
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