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Managing company's assets and liabilities as directed.


Execution of court orders and recovery of debts in lieu of dispoisal of assets by means of auction of seized properties.


Provision of feasibility studies to institute effective debt managemnt schemes in an organization.

Process of recovering of debts from persons or body corporate and ascertainment of investments and assets in pursuance of debt recovery.


Investigations relating to investment and finanial transactions by way of thorough investigation to deter, for purpose of maintaining assets values of companies.


Thorough investigations relating to fraud, thefts, misappropriation of funds etc, for purpose of redress and criminal prosecution, in liason with the crime intelligene unit and government law enforcement agencies depending upon the issues.


Comprehensive investigations relating to Bank Frauds also provide information on registered fraud criminals and their assoiates and property illegally acquired or property not commensurate to the official emoluments.


Comprehensive investigations relating to insurance claim frauds and perons proe to insurance claim fraud.


Investigation into legal, customary or traditional marital issues raised by a client.


Investigations into matters of clients, bills of exchange, intents, contracts, tenders, negotiable instruments, investments, securities, will estates etc and past records.


Gathering and compiling information of interest on a matter, persons or body corporate for purpose of ascertaining any business information of interest or otherwise through the process of surveillance, survey research or audit and liason with police, prisons, Anti Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission, Revenue Authorities and Other Law Enforcement Agencies.


Judicial at or proess relating to claims, Petitions< mitigations, Court Orders.


VIL supplies electronic security devices for business or residential premises: laser alarm, tracers, digital diaries, sensors, anti bagging devices, shredders, telephones, fax mahines, forensic equipment, digital telephone analyzer, microphones, special micro cassette recorders, laser monitoring system, audio-visual radio transmitting equipment, special cameras, specialized optical devices, professional miniature noctovisor, night spectacles, video systems etc.


VIL provides special consultancy services into criminal and civil matters directed by the client.


Offer static surveillane, by fusing into departments. Private Intelligence Officers detect illegal activities at work premises in various government and private institutions and banks. Officers carry out normal duties just like other workers, but their duty is to monitor activities prone to corruption, connivance, negligence, bad governance, theft etc. These officers each compile daily records on activities taking plae with objectives outlined to them, by our clients but only report to VIL. All this is done to detect illegal activities on a daily basis and prevent crime when it has gone out of proportion.

This has proved to be a very effective method of security in departments where management suspect a lot of things are going wrong which are difficult to discover. This method also reveals connivance with existing security department of companies and banks that could boast of having exisgting security or controls. Our offices true identity is not known except for top management, with vested interest or only clients know about it.

These are the areas that we strongly feel assist top management in knowing what takes place on a daily basis. we provide surveillance investigations officers to the areas or sections where management feel workers are prone to connvance, thefts, and corruption plus bad governance etc.

Surveillance officers prepare secretly detailed field investigation records which form the basis of our onfidential monthly reports indicating what could have transpired at any given time in banks, factories, printing companies, borders, entry points and exit points or any transaction etc. However, our investigative surveillance officers are always deployed into departments or organizations by prior arrangements with our clients as research officers or students trying to study or work on a project or on attachment so that they have nothing to do with issues such as Unions, Over-employement or change to the organization's structure , since depending on the situation the money is either paid partially to us and the other directly to officers.

We have proved that Covert Surveillance is the most effective and efficient means of control, better than the static security and interna control system which are manned. Our officers are trained to get information to do with criminal acts and plans as well as also participating in planning the crime to be committed once they become familiar, but meanwhile keep on reporting on all activities considered illegal and against the existing standing orders as a way of having collaborative evidence and avert crime to be committed.

Always depending on the degree of what is being planned or the crime being planned, we promptly inform or lert our clients on time, while surveillance continues and without disclosing the identity of our intelligene officers.

We also have a system of counter checking on our officers without them knowing that they are being monitored, which we call a cobweb method.



Located 118 kilometres off Great North Road towards Mpika. We have Escarpment Camping Site.

Fully connected with Electricity and surrounded by natural attractions such as Kundalila falls, Kansanka National Park, Lavushi National Park, Nabwalya Game reserve and Nfuwe national Park.


We have noticed that, most of Internal security officers referred to as examiners, revenue collectors, auditors, debt collectors and all others involved in various investigations internally and coordinating with police on behalf of institutions, are actually involved in corruptly hiding information or their findings.

They make reports with deliberate omissions to suit the operations in which they are involved. In other words their reports do not reflect a true picture of what is taking place as they are motivated by obtaining bribes illegal entries are made and this is the reason, as private investigators why we prevented from getting a lot of contacts for fear of losing their illegal activities.

In many cases debt collectors and auditors who try trace defaulters either connive with them to reduce the amounts owing or completely cancel such information thereby depriving organizations and government of much-needed revenue for improvement and profit making. We have information that can only be disclosed when we are contacted for work.

Employing our officers has enabled us to make several malpratices known and achieve to our clientswhen report to them and solutions are finally put in place.


Another service we provide is investigative debt collecting, our research has shown various debt collecting teams, existing within departments of company, secretly connive with debtor reports submitted by them to management do not actually reflect the truth as they are bribed to report debtors as dead or as untraceable.

This is why we suggested that we should work side by side with other organizations and also contribute in the attainment of good governance. Sometimes Vanguard works with their lawyers depending on the issues.


Our research ha sshown that many security guards and officers are inadequately trained in carrying out guard duties. In the event of being challenged by either bandits or thieves these people have not prevented criminals from carrying out their illegal activities because of their poor level of understanding of security functions resulting in loss of different properties. Therefore, we have set up a training department. to carry out courses for different parties. This is done purely when we are approached by any organization.

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